About me

My name is Luzi Liddell, friends call me Lu

Hey you! My name is Luzi Liddell, friends call me Lu. Nice to meet ya.If you read books, you might have heard about the name Liddell, i choosed the name because of the reference to Second Life. SL is my Wonderland. And I feel like Alice, thrown in .. learning .. meeting new friends. Since this is my blog I thought it would be a good idea to share some informations about me….



I’m an resident of the virtual world Second Life™ , and over 3 years old. Well you know i’m a bit more older than that, but I needed a fresh start and deleted my first avatar. – Note to myself: Never to that, there is always a chance to start new without loosing all your inventory. I did this and that in the Second Life and seen it all. I first started with lot of drama and superficial stuff, this changed a lot since my priorities changed and I’m super happy that I can say I have friends. Real friends over 2 years and more. You might not think it’s that hard to find, but I tell ya I felt often super lonely in Second Life and you will be soon expirience a room full of people with no one talking.

But you know what, SL is what you make out of it. So find hobbies you like, set yourself a healthy time & money budget & and surround yourself with great people!