#SecondLifeChallenge – Relaxation in Second Life

Good to see ya. I can’t believe you found me and my blog. My Name is Luzi Liddell and i’m a part of Second Life. My SL was a strange journey of deleted first Avatars & superficiality. I did this and that and lost myself. After breaks i found myself again in a place with great friends and my freedom to do anything i want. I will fill this blog with Photography & Life….

and what a great opening to start my blog with a  #SecondLifeChallenge from StrawberrySingh. This time its about #SecondLifeChallenge -Relaxation in Second Life – ASMR! I’m not a big fan of ASMR but when it helps people I guess it is good thing! In my Real Life I love to relax with a good friendly book in my bed covered in a cozy blanket with my pets around…and yeah maybe a bit of sleep. In SL I love to talk with my friends and get distracted or I travel alone by myself to a nice sim and explore and take pictures .. like the following ones i took on the Strangely Pretty Sim ..



Thank you for reading & don’t forget to visit the Strangely Pretty ->
♥ Luzi Liddell

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